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Recreational users have growing sports, fitness, wellness and leisure appetites with a desire to remain fit and have fun through to old age. All the while, the recreation market is continually evolving; competition grows and budgets tighten.

Successful recreation facilities need to address all these parameters.

FGMA helps clients navigate permanent trends and short term fads for the latest in recreational center design. Our facilities allow users a heightened experience; they are enticing, community gathering spots with limited control points and high revenue generating potential.



For more than 30 years, FGMA has been leading the conversation about recreation architecture and our passion for our projects is evidenced in the smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike. Recreational projects help generate revenue, bring residents together all year long, encourage health and wellness, boost property values and provide families with affordable leisure activities. FGMA helps make it happen. We have studied, and continue to study, how members and recreation staff use their projects we build.


We believe that project success requires strong partnerships. At the heart of our team is the client and their community, who become integral partners and participants in FGMA's collaborative process. We have assembled an impressive team of civic designers and engineers, including specialty consultants in technology, security and acoustics that have worked together for decades and contribute their unique skill set to a well functioning facility. The third contributor to our partnership is the construction professional. FGMA assists our clients in selecting strong team players, understanding the various construction methods and utilizing important pre-construction services. At FGMA, we value each partner’s role and engage them to their highest and best use.

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