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FGMA's Faith-based Practice Ranked Among Top in Nation

Designing the places where people gather for worship and fellowship supports FGMA's vision: We Build Community. We’re proud to be a national leader in this thriving sector with a #2 ranking in Building Design + Construction’s “Top 80 Religious Facility Architecture Firms for 2023.” 

FGMA’s award-winning faith-based design portfolio includes facility and campus designs for over 100 churches representing varied denominations across the country. We work closely with each faith community to understand its spiritual character, calling, and history. Our innovative designs are tailored to realize each congregation’s unique visions, goals, and priorities. From master planning to new building design, expansions, renovations, adaptive reuse, and historic preservation, FGMA creates sustainable spaces for worship, learning, outreach, play, and fellowship. We are pleased to share our latest updates.


Allison Stoos, AIA, Appointed Faith-based Practice Leader

Senior Associate Allison Stoos, AIA, joined FGMA in 2014.  Announcing her recent appointment as leader of FGMA’s faith-based design practice, President Tim Kwiatkowski commented, “Allison’s knowledge, expertise and ability to forge collaborative relationships make her a natural choice to lead our robust faith-based practice.”

Allison states, “I’m honored to champion faith-based work at FGMA, continuing the firm’s remarkable history of design and service for unique worship communities. I joyfully embrace this legacy while seeking out new opportunities for us to provide value to the faith-based sector.”

Connect with Allison via email and on LinkedIn to congratulate her on this new chapter.


Project News: Award Wins, Completions and Progress

The AIA Northern Virginia Chapter conferred a 2023 Award of Merit to celebrate FGMA’s expansion and renovation of the Darnestown Presbyterian Church. The project was commended for “the beautiful reimagination of the interior while maintaining the prominence of the 1855 historic church.”  The project included the design of a gracious chancel, two transepts, interior renovation of the sanctuary and a simple two-gable façade which highlights the new gathering space main entrance.

Darnestown Presbyterian Church received an Award of Merit from the AIA Northern Virginia Chapter

In Austin, Texas, the FGMA team recently joined The Austin Stone Community Church in celebrating the grand opening of the Austin Stone South Campus, which features a worship center with ample space for fellowship, learning, play and ministry.

The Austin Stone South Campus features ample fellowship and worship space

In San Antonio, Texas, two major design and construction projects are underway at Cornerstone Church. A 65,000 square feet addition to the existing church will provide urgently needed communal space for this large congregation, including a banquet hall, adult education space and a children’s assembly suite.

A children's assembly suite encourages learning at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio

The Cornerstone Church addition creates a warm balance between worship and relaxation

Nearby, Cornerstone Christian School is expanding with a 26,000 square feet classroom addition that includes a band hall and black box theater as well as new amenity spaces for the sports fields. Currently in design, a new building located next to the existing grandstands will feature locker rooms, concessions stand and sports press box.

Stay tuned for more and explore FGMA’s full faith-based design portfolio here. 


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