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Evidence Based Design and the New Cicero Warren Park Elementary School

Evidence-Based Design of Elementary and Secondary Schools” Author Peter C. Lippman"

"We examine learning environments to gain a greater understanding of how learning environments can be programmed, planned, and designed.

We are looking to increase:

  • Design professionals’ awareness of who the learner is, the learning process, and how learning occurs in relation to the social environment (peers and faculty/staff).

  • Educators’ appreciation of the physical environment in which they work.

  • Researchers’ recognition of what comprises the learning environment.

Designers need to understand that the places they create are to be inhabited by users who will not only be influenced by the design but, will also shape the way these places function. And just as designers must understand that the physical environment evolves in relation to the people situated in it, educators must acknowledge that the physical learning environment assist them in providing opportunities for learning to take place. “

FGM Architects follows this philosophy. We go back to the schools after the first year of use. We want to understand how the environments are be used and to get feedback on how we can improve, repeat good design and evolve the design of 21st century schools. Peter Lippman calls this a responsive approach to creating learning environments.


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