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Bailey's Shelter and Supportive Housing is LEED Gold!

Bailey's Shelter and Supportive Housing was designed to support Fairfax County's goals of reducing energy and water consumption, as well as their carbon footprint, while providing a healthier facility for the building’s occupants.

Interior of Multi-Purpose Room

Completed in 2019, this innovative new facility provides emergency shelter beds, permanent supportive housing units, 24-hour staffing, including guidance and counselling, and a hypothermia prevention program.

Exterior Vegetative Roof

On November 2, 2021, the building achieved LEED Gold Certification. Sustainable design features include water use reduction through the use of low-flow fixtures, energy efficient HVAC systems, efficient ventilation, green power offsets, high solar-reflectance roofing materials, vegetated roof system with native plantings, daylighting, regional materials, recycled content materials, and low VOC interior materials.

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