School District Superintendent

“The firm has represented our district for over 20 years with four administrative changes and numerous board transitions. FGM has been a trusted advisor to provide continuity and guide us in making critical decisions. FGM has always been reliable, dependable and ready to assist us.”

School District School Board President

“A big thanks to all who gave this community an award-winning school that we can point to with pride.”

High School Superintendent

“The professionalism of the entire FGM staff from the very beginning of the project has been excellent. FGM’s experience and ability to represent and protect the interests of the school district are some of the outstanding qualities of the firm. I can recommend FGM to any school district. FGM is a first-class architectural firm.”

Private School Director

“From the onset, I have been impressed with the integrity and talent of the FGM team. FGM has a rare combination of design talent, sensitivity to our budget and passion for our cause.”

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Park District Executive Director

“They listen. They react. They accommodate. Early on in the design process we became aware that our wish list was larger than our budget. FGM developed a multi-optioned phase in plan that provided a road map for future expansion. They were remarkable in their ability to meet various challenges while staying within our budget.”

Park District Executive Director

“The new facility has exceeded our expectations and will meet the needs of our community for years to come. The FGM team impressed me with their attention to detail. Time spent at the beginning of the project paid off at the end.”

Police Chief

“Ten years after the project was done, I know I can still call FGM, and they are going to help me.”

Fire Chief

“It was and continues to be a pleasure to work with a firm as dedicated as FGM. They were concerned with our needs from the beginning and continued to be very responsive throughout all phases of the project. They made us feel that the only project that mattered to them was ours.”

Park District Executive Director

“They are outstanding at what they do and follow through on all assignments. They are always open to the staff and community input and developing the plans. Most importantly, the work is accurate and timely. Our lead architect knows the key ingredients of successful facility planning and what it takes to work with clients to get results. As a member of the design team, he consistently inspires creativity, teamwork and open communication. I highly recommend FGM to potential clients as we continue to use their services.”

Police Chief

“I have found the staff to be very professional yet friendly. I feel totally at ease asking them any question as we proceed through the process of designing our new police station. I find their knowledge base in the field of law enforcement facilities to be excellent and am constantly amazed at issues they bring up that myself and my staff had not even thought of or considered. I have found them to be more gregarious, friendly and easy to communicate with than other architects I have worked with in the past.”

Fire Chief

“You would be nuts to hire anyone else.”

Village Board President

“I know that FGMworked hard and creatively in responding to the design input from the village and its officials, and I find the end product to be a professional mosaic of the thoughts and ideas brought together in an outstanding facility.”

Village Board President

“We truly appreciated the time savings that having a professional team brought to the process.”

Library Director

“Every aspect of their work was according to what they promised, and they held my hand throughout. The team actually mirrored our own motto, ‘satisfy and delight,’ as they consistently went over and above what might have been considered acceptable performance.”

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University Campus Architect

“This wonderful new building will serve as a tremendous tool to support the dynamic way that we need to teach science at the college.”

University Design & Construction Director

“The space looks fresh, inviting and energizing without being trendy or gimmicky.”

University Food Service Director

“When touring the renovated dining facility, the first words were ‘WOW!’ Students who were part of the design process are thrilled and said the team got everything right based on what they shared with the design team.”

University Housing Director

“I am so happy about how our project turned out. The team turned a clunker into a Cadillac.”

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State Agency Department head

“From the very start the FGM design team saw the soldiers and agency staff as a part of the project family team. The end result of the completed project is a facility that this agency, local soldiers and family members and the local community can be proud of for generations.”

Federal Agency Contracting Officer