School District Superintendent

“The firm has represented our district for over 20 years with four administrative changes and numerous board transitions. FGM has been a trusted advisor to provide continuity and guide us in making critical decisions. FGM has always been reliable, dependable and ready to assist us.”

School District School Board President

“A big thanks to all who gave this community an award-winning school that we can point to with pride.”

High School Superintendent

“The professionalism of the entire FGM staff from the very beginning of the project has been excellent. FGM’s experience and ability to represent and protect the interests of the school district are some of the outstanding qualities of the firm. I can recommend FGM to any school district. FGM is a first-class architectural firm.”

Private School Director

“From the onset, I have been impressed with the integrity and talent of the FGM team. FGM has a rare combination of design talent, sensitivity to our budget and passion for our cause.”

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Park District Executive Director