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Designing a leading-edge public safety facility is serious business. First responders put their lives at risk to protect our communities, and FGMA makes sure they have the facilities and tools they need.

FGMA offers unparalleled public safety expertise. We are continually expanding our expertise as well by researching trends and innovations, networking with chiefs, touring stations nationwide and abroad and searching for new and better ways to meet the ever-changing demands of the public safety industry. We bring to our clients a unique understanding of the world of public safety as it exists today and will become tomorrow.

For our police clients, we understand the intricacies of evidence processing, holding cell regulations, ergonomics and stress reduction for emergency dispatchers and the safety of officers during prisoner transfer.

For our fire clients, we understand decreasing response times, regulations for hazmat materials, firefighter health and safety and creating a comfortable “home” within each station.

We view all public safety capital projects from a strategic perspective to evaluate our clients’ needs, desires and goals, so we can take our clients’ departments to the next level of excellence.

No one knows public safety like the senior leaders of our practice, who bring over three decades of public safety experience to our projects. Our people spend considerable time in police and fire stations observing both interactions and operational flow, so that we bring a targeted focus to our designs that yield better functionality, increased staff safety and job satisfaction and improved response rates. Our entire staff has participated in all-day “ride alongs” with firefighters and police officers.

We believe that project success requires strong partnerships. At the heart of our team is the client and their community, who become integral partners and participants in FGMA's collaborative process. We have assembled an impressive team of civic designers and engineers, including specialty consultants in technology, security and acoustics who have worked together for decades and are at the top of their game in public safety design to contribute their unique skill set to a well-functioning facility. The third contributor to our partnership is the construction professional. FGMA assists our clients in selecting strong team players, understanding the various construction methods and utilizing important pre-construction services. At FGMA , we value our partners' roles and engage them to their highest and best use.

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