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FGMA creates facilities designed for disaster preparedness and response. We implement cutting-edge design strategies and technologies for emergency management situations dealing with Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives threats. Constructing redundant facilities in locations remote from each other provides optimal preparedness.



The key to disaster preparedness is to proactively mitigate, prepare, respond effectively and recover in an organized process.

Our commitment begins with mitigation – a proactive approach embedded in our design philosophy. We believe that the first line of defense against disaster begins with the very structures we design. Through innovative design strategies, we aim to create buildings that not only withstand the forces of nature but also minimize the potential impact on occupants and surroundings. From earthquake-resistant structures and redundant systems to flood-resistant foundations, our architects integrate cutting-edge technologies to strengthen the buildings we design against disasters.


Knowledge is power, especially in times of crisis. Preparedness focuses on empowering emergency responders with the skills and knowledge to navigate through disaster. Comprehensive training for multiple scenarios arms responders with the information needed to protect and ensure the safety of the community. Understanding the complexities of building and communal systems allows for the creation of personalized emergency response plans. FGMA is dedicated to fostering a culture of preparedness.

A quick and coordinated response is critical in a disaster. Your team will be well-equipped to lead the charge and coordinate efforts to deal with the aftermath of a disaster. With the right facilities and training you will be able to collaborate with other emergency responders during the middle of an incident, ensuring the seamless execution of recovery plans. Our commitment extends beyond architecture – it's about a comprehensive response that encompasses the broader needs of an affected community.

Recovery is a multifaceted process that goes beyond restoring physical structures. Temporary housing solutions, community shelters, distribution centers for essential supplies and medicine will be identified and prepared before they are needed. Our architects are not just designers; they value the importance of doing their part to helping rebuild communities.



FGMA has a proven track record of providing the necessary facilities to prepare your resilient community:

  • Emergency Operations and Command Centers (EOCC’s)

  • Emergency Dispatch Centers

  • Fire and Rescue Stations

  • Law Enforcement Facilities

  • Joint Police/Fire/Rescue Training Centers

  • Academic and Classroom Facilities

  • Consultation Services


Learn more about our Disaster Preparedness philosophy, approach and experience.

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