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Intern Development Program


FGMA encourages all eligible staff members to obtain their professional licenses at the earliest opportunity and we support them throughout the process.

We follow the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) Architecture Experience Program (AXP) guidelines, a profession-wide comprehensive program. Our AXP process is led by a recently-registered architect who is intimately familiar with the requirements of the program. The architect helps our interns navigate AXP requirements and works with senior staff to make sure that every intern gets the board range of experience that is necessary to fulfill all of the requirements within the recommended time frame. An advocate at all times, the AXP program leader organizes monthly meetings for interns, ensures that interns are documenting their hours and organizes training sessions for exams. Additionally, each AXP candidate is assigned an FGMA mentor.

To further assist our intern Architects, FGMA provides reimbursement for all NCARB study and test costs. After one full year of employment, FGMA grants a leave of absence, with pay, to enable eligible staff members to take the professional licensing examinations

FGMA pays all application and renewal fees for architectural licenses and pays for memberships in the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

"We're always on the look out for smart new talent"

We're always on the lookout for Architects and Architectural Interns. Send us your details and we'll keep you updated on any further roles that become available.

FGMA University


FGMA considers our staff to be our strongest asset. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for the best young architects and the firm they join to become well-rounded professionals.

Toward that end, we have established FGMA University. If this brings to mind long, dry lectures by gray-haired authority figures, think again.

FGMA University is a participatory, research-based program that teams a senior professional with an intern to explore an industry focused topic. The intern researches the project type internally by examining past FGMA projects and externally by looking at what is happening in that particular industry. Together, the intern and the senior professional present their findings to the FGMA staff during a lunch session. The intern learns about FGMA projects, about trends in the industry, and as an added benefit, gains presentation experience.

Recent topics have included Environmental Graphics, STEAM design, Knowledge Center Trends and Design, Sustainable Design and Construction Management. The presentations are broadcast to all FGMA offices via Zoom.



At FGMA, interns are assigned a licensed FGMA architect to serve as his/her mentor. The supports the intern throughout the AXP process and familiarize them with the FGMA standards and procedures.

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