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U.S. Minority Contractors Association Names Tim Kwiatkowski Architect of the Year

Tim Kwiatkowski, FGMA’s President, was recently honored as the “Architect of the Year” during the U.S. Minority Contractors Association (USMCA) Millennium Builders Award presentation.

The USMCA, established nearly 30 years ago, is the premier advocacy and assistance agency in the nation for minority contractors, subcontractors, general contractors and professional service firms in the broader build community nationwide.

FGMA is a strategic partner to the USMCA helping to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion for all.

“We fully support the mission and vision of this organization and truly believe in the power of diversity in our business and our world today,” said Tim during his acceptance speech at the virtual awards ceremony.

He went on to add that “One of the key strategic vision goals at FGM Architects is modeling diversity, equity and inclusion for the architectural community. The idea of building capacity for minorities, women and veteran entrepreneurs in the building industry is and will continue to be job number one for me and for FGMA.”

Tim currently serves as the Vice President of the USMCA Missouri chapter. We are humbled to accept this honor. We look forward to continuing to help USMCA fulfill its mission and to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for all.


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