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Illinois Green Alliance Honors Brian Meade

Congratulations to Brian Meade, recognized by the IL Green Alliance as a 2021 Outstanding Volunteer!

The IL Green Alliance has named FGMA Principal Brian Meade as a 2021 Outstanding Volunteer for his work as a Green Schools Mentor in IGA’s IL Green Schools Project. Brian was joined by FGMA colleagues Kelly McCaffrey and Nadia Lohse for a project at Chicago’s Uplift Community High School.

Here’s the citation:

Brian gave his time in the inaugural cohort of the Illinois Green Schools Project through his participation as a Green Schools Mentor. His support and guidance, along with fellow FGMA colleagues Kelly McCaffrey and Nadia Lohse, was critical to engaging staff and students at Uplift Community High School in not only envisioning a sustainable school building, but also exposing students to careers in architecture and sustainability and hands-on learning to make that vision possible. By sharing his mentor experience via blog posts, in-person at Limelight, and with the rest of his firm, it has inspired others to get involved in the Illinois Green Schools Project.

Check out the IGA’s blog in which Brian, Kelly and Nadia discuss their work at Uplift Community HS.

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Jul 27, 2023

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