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FGM Architects Hires Anthony Lo Bello, AIA, to Lead Business Development for Higher Education Practice

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Tony Lo Bello, AIA, Principal

Lo Bello’s experience and industry stature propel national firm’s strategic growth.

Oak Brook, IL – FGM Architects, Inc. (FGMA), an employee-owned design firm with 200+ professionals in eight offices across five states, announced that Anthony Lo Bello, AIA, has joined its practice as a Principal. With over 30 years of experience, Lo Bello will lead business development for FGMA’s Higher Education practice while also contributing his expertise to firmwide strategic growth initiatives.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tony to the FGMA team,” said Jan Behounek, AIA, Director of Higher Education. “His deep industry experience, vast knowledge of the higher education sector and overall thought leadership will greatly enhance our already thriving practice.”

Over his distinguished career, Lo Bello has worked as a planner, programmer, designer, project manager and principal in charge. In recent years, he has leveraged his expertise and breadth of relationships to lead business development initiatives for leading firms in the Chicago region. He has partnered with such higher education clients as: Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, University of Kansas and the Milwaukee School of Engineering. An active industry thought leader, Lo Bello is the North Central Regional Chair of the Society of College and University Planners (SCUP) and the Corporate Trustee/Advancement Committee Chair for Associated Colleges of Illinois. He has taught “Professional Practices” at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture where he also earned his Bachelor of Architecture.


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