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Farewell and Good Luck to our Summer Interns!

The 2020 Summer Internship program in the Austin office was one that could not have been imagined a few short months ago. A big part of internships for students is the opportunity to gain real-world experiences. This summer, our interns had the opportunity to journey with us into new territories, stretching previous limits of remote working during this pandemic.

Andre Rezaie and Priscilla Goodwin worked fluidly with our architects on several projects throughout the summer. While here, they had Friday Virtual Coffees with each of the Austin Principals. Virtual coffee topics ranged from community in architecture to the importance of communication. At summer’s end, they shared their experiences with the entire Austin office.

Everyone in the Austin office enjoyed having these bright young interns and wish them every success as they return to school and continue their studies. We look forward to seeing them progress!


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