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Architects of the Future

The strength of tomorrow’s built environment depends on a robust pipeline of budding architects. It’s never too early to nurture a young person’s interest in design as a pathway to creating a better world. Recently, the FGMA Austin team was thrilled to host two talented high school interns, Ruby and Joanna, from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.

During their one-week internship, Ruby and Joanna learned about using industry-standard technologies such as Revit and Cove Tool. They participated in project site visits and even listened in on client meetings, including one with Austin ISD interim superintendent, Matias Segura. And they spent time with women on the FGMA team, learning about their journeys to become architects and interior designers.

To kick off the week, we assigned the girls a project inspired by artist Judy Gelles' renowned work, The Fourth Grade Project. Ruby and Joanna interviewed and photographed each member of the FGMA Austin team, posing three questions: What is your everyday motivation? What is your Superpower? What do you worry about?

To complete their internship, Ruby and Joanna gave a presentation to the entire Austin team, sharing their learnings and insights. Both Ruby and Joanna noted that while they began their FGMA experience with uncertain expectations, they discovered a sense of belonging from their immersion in the FGMA design culture. Today, their portraits adorn a prominent wall in our studio, and we’re amazed by their ability to capture the spirit of our team!

Ruby and Joanna now envision themselves pursuing a future in architecture, armed with newfound confidence and a deep passion for the possibilities of design. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and fresh perspective have likewise left an indelible mark on us, serving as a powerful reminder of the importance of nurturing young talent and inspiring the architects of tomorrow.

Contact Ronda Haywood at for more information about our internship opportunities.


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