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Virtual Arts and Culture

During these unprecedented times, we can enjoy some of the most wonderful art and culture our world has to offer from the comfort of our own home!

Below please find a list of virtual exhibits and tours. This sure beats binge watching reality tv shows!

Art Museums

The Art Institute of Chicago:

The Broad Museum

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts:

FGM Architects was founded in Mt. Vernon, Illinois which is home to Cedarhurst. Our founding partners were devoted supporters of the museum and the museum is offering a number of virtual visit options for everyone to enjoy from home. Check out the #DailyDoseOfArt, enjoy the daily Cedarhurst After Dark Drive By Tour and check out their teaching posters!

The Contemporary Austin Museum

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: Visit the Guggenheim from Home

The Louvre

Lizzadro Museum

National Gallery of Art

Musee D'Orsay

Museum of Wisconsin Art

St. Louis Museum of Art


History Museums

Bullock Museum

The Economy Museum

The FDR History Museum

Log Cabin Museum

The Lyndon B. Johnson Library

National Museum of African American History and Culture

American Writer's Museum

State Historical Museum of Missouri

Enjoy virtual tours of Chicago Museums with Mayor Lori Lightfoot!


Zoos and Aquariums

John G. Shedd Aquarium

S.t Louis Aquarium

Brookfield Zoo

The National Zoo

Milwuakee County Zoo

St. Louis Zoo

National Aquarium

San Diego Zoo

Houston Zoo


See the World!

The Acropolis

Austin Texas

Badlands Virtual Tour

Disney World

Door County Maritime Museum

Eiffel Tower

Grand Canyon

Great Wall of China

Green Bay Wisconsin

Legoland Hotel

Machu Picchu


National Park Service Virtual Tours

Niagra Falls

Royal Academy of England



Ulysses S. Grant Historical Site

Universal Studios

The Vatican

State of Wisconsin Capital Tour

Virtual Dives in Marine Sanctuaries

Play at Home: Put on your own 10 minute play!

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