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Thank you for your service, Garrett!

Garrett Thompson, an intern architect in the FGM Architects Austin office is also a paratrooper in the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team with the Texas Army National Guard. As part of his military service, he is actively deployed on a mission in West Texas to provide COVID-19 testing.

The mission started in “small-town-west-Texas”, setting up mobile test sites for COVID-19. During the first month they were in a different town each day. They are able to test 170-200 people daily. Working in small teams they have been able to cover all of west Texas in a matter of weeks. Now the mission is focused on testing in more densely populated cities like El Paso, Amarillo, Lubbock and Midland/Odessa. The mission will be stationary for another week or so in the El Paso region before moving to Amarillo to support the other teams handling the outbreak there. Garrett reports:

“Life isn’t too bad. We work 6 days on and one day off rotations. We brought a lot of gym equipment and have been working out every day at 5am before we leave in the morning to set up the test site. It’s been a good opportunity for our guys to work together more than the once a month schedule we are used to throughout the year.”

We thank Garrett for his service to our country and for being one of the many front line heroes helping combat this pandemic.

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