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GM President and CEO John Ochoa Joins UI Alumni Association in Nation’s Capital

As a member of the University of Illinois Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, FGM Architects President and CEO, John Ochoa, participated in the group’s Spring 2016 meeting April 5–6 in Washington, D.C. Ochoa, a University of Illinois alum, joined fellow board members in the nation’s capital to highlight UI Alumni Association’s focus on advocacy for issues affecting higher education.

“While advocacy has always been on our agenda, it’s become increasingly critical over the last year,” says Ochoa, quoted in UIC Alumni Magazine Summer 2016 issue. “We need to be mindful of things we can do to help make a positive difference for our University.”

Among continuing budget issues impacting the state of Illinois and its public universities, the two-day gathering brought attention to the growing importance of obtaining support for higher education and the University of Illinois system among legislators, both state and federal.

Visit University of Illinois Alumni Association to learn more about advocating for higher education in Illinois.


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