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Engineering students at SIU Edwardsville will soon have a new student design center!

Phase 1 of the engineering building addition at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville is complete while Phase 2 construction will begin in October, 2018 - adding office space, a large conference room and a collaborative design lab on the upper floor. The student design center will feature flexible design stations that can be reconfigured to fit the group size and project scope. Students will be able to reserve a station for the semester to develop their project designs. The student design center will also accommodate the senior design project presentations. “This gives the students the opportunity to develop both their design and hands-on technical skills, which sets them apart in the workforce,” said FGM's Jerrod Joggerst. “Many area companies in the marketplace find the graduates they hire to be well-rounded professionals.” The building will be fully operational in the Spring of 2019.

Read more about the project in this month's Illinois Business Journal:


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