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Since 1945, FGMA has helped community leaders address urgent challenges. Our mission statement – enhancing communities by creating quality environments – illustrates this commitment.

Today, FGMA is fully engaged in the battle to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis by helping community leaders devise strategies to ensure that essential facilities are as safe as possible for the people who work in and use them. These include schools, police and fire stations, municipal, recreational centers  and places of worship.

Examples of our current efforts:

  • Working remotely, our team is using video conferencing and design technology tools such as 360-degree cameras and 3D laser scanners to achieve social distancing and ensure that long-planned for projects stay on track.  

  • We’re working with both PK-12 and college/university officials to develop density plans that will ensure safety when schools eventually reopen.  

  • We’re identifying existing LEED and WELL Building standards that can be implemented or upgraded to improve air quality and sanitizing procedures in existing buildings.

  • We are developing concise papers on topics such as design technology tools, space planning; and air quality improvement strategies so that effective approaches can be adopted more widely.


Dean Manasses, along with Josh Czerniak and Troy Kerr discuss 
technology tools that  help ensure safe delivery of essential services.

FGM Architects has a Resilient Communities team which includes senior architects and interior designers. This group is cross-pollinating information across our practice areas and consulting regularly with other industry leaders to make sure that “best and next” approaches are swiftly adopted.  

At FGM Architects, our philosophy is that, “We design every school as if our children were learning there, every fire station as if it supports the first responders who protect our own families and every village hall as the symbol of the civic unity we share with our neighbors.”  

This philosophy is more important today than ever.  We know that through innovative design strategies, improved operational procedures and new behaviors, our communities can be made safe and whole again.


Contact our Resilient Communities experts to learn more.

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